About The Bay Information Hub


Many people are affected by neurological conditions. Their parents, partners, siblings or friends may be affected, or they are stricken with a condition themselves. And although there is much research looking at our ageing population, dementia and Parkinson’s are set to become ever more of a challenge for societies and individuals. It is the case that most people who are diagnosed with a dementia for example, or who are dealing with the diagnosis of a loved one, can feel as though they are alone.

The Bay Information Hub aims to fill this gap, providing practical information and support for living with, or caring for somebody with, dementia, Parkinson’s or other neurological conditions. With clear and sensible information about recognising symptoms, research, getting help, managing financially, staying at home, treatments, being a carer and staying positive, this event will help those with these conditions, and their families, to make sure that they can stay well and happy for as long as possible.

Have you heard about the new Bay Dementia Network ?

This is a community-based action network. The Bay Information Hub is just part of it. This initiative will be targeted at improving the understanding of dementia and the needs of those affected by dementia in businesses, retailers and services such as bus companies and the police.

Together we can work towards making Morecambe Bay more dementia friendly and therefore a better place to live for those affected by dementia.

For further information contact us through this website.

Our People

Dr Penny Foulds - Co-Founder 

Originally a science teacher, Penny became interested in Alzheimer's after her grandparents developed the disorder. She was given the opportunity to undertake a PhD at Lancaster University, and afterwards continued her research into the biochemistry of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Penny has an extensive record of community involvement, giving regular talks on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia to interested groups. She recently founded Lancaster University’s ‘Defying Dementia’ campaign, to raise awareness of dementia, and to raise funds towards a compound developed at Lancaster, that has the potential to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Having recently left the University’s research environment, she is now part of North West based MAC Clinical Research, with the ambition of progressing the Lancaster drug towards human Clinical Trials and beyond! 

Dr. Penny Foulds
Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith - Co-Founder


Dianne works for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust to ensur that a strategy for dementia care is in place and implemented, following national expectations as an acute hospital trust. She has developed a skilled workforce, including dementia champions, on all their hospital sites. She has developed a unique passport for people with dementia and cognitive impairment, introduced and implemented the Butterfly Scheme and designed, with help of a nutritional dementia team, a menu to cater to specific needs where required. Dianne is keen to link with primary health and social care colleagues to improve the quality of care delivered, and understands the importance of working in partnership with families and carers to ensure we provide stability and continuity for the person with dementia or cognitive impairment whilst in hospital. She also has a personal interest and desire to develop services due to her dad having vascular dementia, which encourages her passion to make a difference. 

Gary Rycroft

Gary Rycroft - Core Group Member

Gary qualified as a solicitor in 1998 and since 2003 has been in practice with Joseph A Jones & Co whose offices are situated at 6 Fenton Street, Lancaster. Throughout his career, Gary has specialised in Wills, Trusts and the administration of estates.  He is recognised as a national expert in the law relating to mental capacity.  When the National Mental Capacity Forum was formed in 2015 he was asked by the Chair, Baroness Finlay, to sit on the Leadership Group.  Gary’s ambition is for all of those affected by and involved in dementia and dementia care to work together; The Hub is a practical example of that happening.

Nationally, Gary is also a Trustee of the National Council for Palliative Care (NCPC) and leads the Dying Matters Coalition.  He is also the Chair of the Law Society Private Client Section, which is a representative group of solicitors who specialise in Wills, Trusts and Probate.

Gary sees The Hub as another way in which the dementia community in Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and the surrounding rural areas can come together in a positive way.

Alex Burton - Honorary Member of the Core Group


The group "Lancashire Dementia Voices" was founded by Alex Burton who himself was diagnosed in 2011 with early onset dementia. Lancashire Dementia Voices are a community social group of people with dementia, and carers of those affected by dementia. They meet once every 2 months to support each other, discuss current dementia services in Lancashire and campaign to change perceptions and influence service providers by offering their experience.


Alex, dismayed at finding no support for himself after his diagnosis, believed many others would be in the same position. Not wishing to just accept that their was little provision for people recently diagnosed and supported through the condition, he set up Lancashire Dementia Voices  in 2014 to raise the plight of those whose voice is seldom heard. 

Alex Burton