Support Services Available at The Hub

Below, some of the many services and people available at The Dementia Hub explain who they are and the support they can offer.  You can click on the name of the person or service to find out more.

Education and Research

My name is Penny Foulds, and I am a researcher representing MAC Clinical Research and an Honorary Researcher at Lancaster University . I will be attending The Hub to try to answer your questions about dementia, for example what happens in the brain when someone develops Alzheimer’s, or how the current medicines work. I can explain how people can get involved in the different types of research that are available locally and can tell you about Join Dementia Research which is a place where you can register your interest in research 

"The Care of the Elderly" Nurses at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust

My name is Dianne Smith and I am the Matron for Dementia at University Hospitals Morecambe Bay Trust. My team of nurses will attend the Bay Dementia Hub to offer advice and support about how to stay well and healthy at home, what are the signs of illness to look out for and how to avoid a hospital admission if possible. We will also provide information on care for the older person within the hospital setting, including what support is available for them. 

The Alzheimer's Society

Siobhan Johnston from the Alzheimer’s Society, is a Dementia Support Worker, based in Blackpool but covering all of North Lancashire, including Lancaster and Morecambe. She will be at the Bay Dementia Hub to offer advice, information and support for anyone who is affected by dementia, and can tell you about the services the society offer in North Lancashire and how you can use them.

Lancaster City Council and Morecambe Town Council

My name is Councillor Margaret Pattison I am Cabinet member on Lancaster City Council with one of my four portfolios being Older People.  I also Vice Chair Morecambe Town Council. I have supported and worked alongside Defying Dementia for over 3 years, and will be attending The Bay Dementia Hub.  I can provide information and guidance on services provided by Lancaster City Council, for example housing, the assisted bin service and care needs.

Benefits Advisor – West End Impact

My name is Philip Blundell and I am very pleased to take up the role of Benefits Adviser within The Bay Dementia Hub. I also support West end Impact, to guide people through crisis, help them repair the reasons for their crisis and assist them in moving on. I along with my colleagues hold an N.V.4 in Advice and Guidance. 

I have been a Benefits Adviser for five years and have been trained in Universal Credits, which will take over all other benefits in the very near future.

Lancashire County Council

My name is Lizzi Collinge and I am the County Councillor for Lancaster East. I will be attending The Bay Dementia Hub to help you get in touch with your local elected representatives, including district councillors, county councillors and your local MP and explain how they can help you.Your local councillors and MPs are there to serve you but sometimes it's hard to know who to go to. I can signpost you to the best person to help you.

N-Compass Carers’ Service

N-compass Carers’ Services work across the county as part of Carers Lancashire providing support and information to Adult Carers and specialist support to Carers of Adults with a Mental Health Condition. A Dementia Carers Support Worker will be at the Hub to provide you with support and information to help you in your caring role. We offer support with contingency planning, information and support to have a break including a Volunteer Sitting-In Service which our Dementia Carers Support Worker can provide further information on.

Legal and Financial Advisors

Gary Rycroft and colleague Olivia Egdell-Page will be attending The Hub on behalf of Joseph A Jones & Co Solicitors. They are a specialist legal practice in Lancaster with expertise in providing legal services to those living with dementia, together with their family and carers. At The Hub they will be able to provide informal guidance about legal matters. If anyone attending The Hub wishes to engage their legal services on a formal basis (outside of their attendance at The Hub) then they will explain any costs which would be incurred in that regard. 

Lancaster and Morecambe NHS Memory Assessment Service

Lancaster and Morecambe Memory Assessment Service will be attending The Bay Dementia Hub to offer information and friendly advice about their service. They can have a chat with you about what is offered, what to expect on the journey, as well as how a diagnosis is made, and what post-diagnosis support is offered.

Admiral Nurses

My name is Loraine Butterworth and I am the British Legion admiral nurse for North Lancashire. We offer specialist support, information and advice for the carers of people living with dementia. To access this service, the carer of the person living with dementia needs to be a beneficiary of the British Legion. This includes anyone who has served in the armed forces, their family and carers. The focus of the service is to maintain independence and improve the quality of life for carers and families and to provide the practical advice they need.

Advice from Carers

There's always someone to talk to at The Bay Dementia Hub at St John's Hospice. Carers attend the Hub who are happy to talk to people, having had their own experiences of living with people with dementia and who want to support other carers. You are not on your own!

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

My Name is Steve Turner and I work for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. I want to increase the individual's awareness of the dangers and consequences of fire; as well as their knowledge of basic fire safety to reduce the harm fire can cause when it is used deliberately. It allows individual's circumstances to be considered. Dementia is one of the biggest challenges to the Fire Service. We want to know that everyone can ring 999 if they need to.

Progress Lifeline

My name is Steve and I represent Progress Lifeline, who have been delivering personal alarm and telecare services to people throughout Lancashire for over 28 years.

We are committed to helping people to stay in their own homes by offering independent living solutions and a 24/7 response service which gives customers and their families’ peace of mind. Progress Lifeline currently provides over 10,000 customers with a life-saving service. Come and have a chat with us at The Bay Dementia Hub to see if we can help you.

Ian Ambler - Care Fee Adviser

Hello my name is Ian and I am a Care Fees adviser. My role here at the Bay Dementia Hub, is to help families and carers find the best way to meet the costs of paying for care, whether that care is given at home, or in a residential or nursing home. Most people think that the only way to meet the costs of care is to sell the family home. However, there are other ways to ensure that the costs are covered for the rest of that person's life, whilst protecting as much of their assets and capital as possible. 

Age UK Lancashire

We are a county-wide charity working with and for older people. We believe that later life should be valued and fulfilling. Through the services and support we provide, we aim to promote independence, enhance health and well-being and enable older people to access the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives. Local services include: Hospital Aftercare, Dementia Support, Home Help and Information & Advice. We also provide a variety of independence in the home products and insurances.

Defying Dementia

Laura Slater is the Defying Dementia Campaign Manager at Lancaster University. Their scientists have developed a drug that blocks the formation of ‘senile plaques’ that are found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s, as well as identifying how existing drugs can treat patients with this dreadful disorder. Defying Dementia can provide information about this research and can also provide opportunities for the local community to get involved in raising awareness of the research and diseases. 

Boots Chemist

Boots pharmacy is on hand to give advice on products and services that can help those people living with dementia and their carers. For example, they can provide advice on medication, and offer an electronic prescriptions service, liaising with families and GP’s to support people living with a diagnosis.

Galloways for the Visually Impaired

Nia from Galloways can provide information and support to people who are living with sight loss. As this problem occurs mainly in the over 65’s age group, it affects many people living with dementia. It is the case that 50% of sight loss is preventable, so Galloways is raising awareness of this, and how people can protect and care for their eyesight. Galloways provide free vision tests.

Social Services Lancashire

Social workers from Lancashire County Council Community Mental Health Teams are on hand every month to provide information about what services the local authority can offer to people living with dementia. This includes social care assessments, equipment, residential care information and how to access the County Council Services and the charging policy plus much more. They are here to help!

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The CQC regulate care services and Karen is an inspector who regulates the care industry in North Lancashire. After an inspection takes place, a report is written which provides guidance as to the quality of care that is given. Karen can discuss these findings with you, to enable you to look at domiciliary care and care homes which are suitable for your needs. Karen to also advice you if you have concerns about the level of service being provided by an existing care home/provider.

MAC Clinical Research

MAC Clinical Research run clinical studies to help to develop new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions. At the moment, there are NO drugs that cure the disease, that stop the condition, or even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s down! MAC are based in Blackpool, and are currently recruiting for an Alzheimer’s study, so if you are interested in finding out more, Dr Penny Foulds is usually on hand at the Hub to talk to you about what is involved and provide the information you need.

NHS Bowel and Bladder Advice Team

Elaine is a staff nurse and part of the local NHS Continence Team. The team provide support and advice on bowel and bladder problems. The team can support to people with dementia with these difficult problems, and indeed anyone else who is in need of their service.

The Community Mental Health Team

Philip is a Health Care Support Worker, who works with Social Workers to support people living with dementia. The CMHT service provides help with, for example, medication advice and day centre visits.

Lancashire Wellbeing Service

Sean is from the Lancashire Wellbeing Service. He comes to the Hub to support carers and people living with dementia, around issues with health, happiness and general well-being. This support can help with emotional problems, for example anxiety and loneliness, and they will work with you to make positive changes.

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