The Bay Hub Talks: 2020

**Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the hub is postponed until further notice.**

Starting January 2017, each monthly Bay Hub has hosted a short talk on a topic that may be of interest to those living with dementia and other neurological conditions, their friends and families, and to people who have an interest in dementia (talks start at 2pm).

We enjoy talks from some of our service providers, as well as other experts and special guests.

Please find the full schedule of talks for 2020 below:

January 03, 2020

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Nicola Pietragalla, Natwest Community banker

‘Scams Awareness’

February 07, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Niklas Reich, PhD student, Defying Dementia

Defying Dementia: An update from the laboratory at Lancaster University

March 06, 2020

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Barry Clift – Specialist Occupational Therapist, North West Driving Assessment Service

‘Driving with dementia and other neurological conditions’

April 03, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Prof David Allsop, Defying Dementia

‘Understanding dementia: Types, causes, symptoms and treatments’

May 01, 2020

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Care of the Elderly Team, Morecambe Bay Hospital Trust

‘The nursing care you will receive if you attend A&E’

June 05, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Dr Penny Foulds, MAC Clinical Research and Defying Dementia

‘Dementia and Parkinson’s Research – where we are up to’

July, 2020

No Hub

Summer Break - No Hub

August 07, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Julie Henworth, Lancashire Care NHT Trust

‘The Management of perceived challenging behaviours in dementia’

September 04, 2020

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Matron Dianne Smith, Morecambe Bay Trust

‘Encouraging eating and drinking in people living with dementia’

October 02, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Dr Garuth Chalfont,

Centre for Ageing Research, Lancaster University

‘Personalised medicine for dementia’

November 06, 2020

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Dennis Nelson, Lancashire Constabulary

'The Herbert Protocol, supporting people living with dementia'

December 04, 2020

Cathedral Social Centre, Lancaster

Janet Holmes, Services Manager, The Alzheimer’s Society

‘An update on how the Alzheimer’s Society can support you’

Previous Hub Talks

Please have a browse of our previous Hub talks...

January 04, 2019


Linda Dickens

'Memory Assessments – Why they are needed and what is involved'.

February 01, 2019

Lancaster Library

Sean Scott and Fred Atwater

‘Lancashire Wellbeing Service – Who we are and how we can support people affected by a diagnosis of dementia’

March 01, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Tina Fry

‘How the Alzheimer’s Society supports people living with dementia’

April 05, 2019

Lancaster Town Hall

Dennis Nelson, Community Police Officer

‘Lancashire Constabulary and how they safeguard people living with dementia’

May 03, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Safe and Healthy Travel Team, Lancashire County Council

'Travel for Life - A guide on how to keep safe and independent whilst travelling around Lancashire'

June 07, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Summer Afternoon Tea Party!

‘Entertainment with singer Bexi Owen and interactive sensory reminiscence’

July 05, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Linda Dickens and Gillian Walker, Memory Assessment Service

'Memory Assessments – Why they are needed and what is involved'.

August 02, 2019

Lancaster Town Hall

Alex Pandolfo, The Right to Die with Dignity UK

‘My right to die – Person centred care and informed choice’

September 06, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Gail Pointon, Hearing Impairment Social Care Support Office

‘The effects of hearing impairment on people living with dementia and what we can offer to support this’

October 04, 2019

Lancaster Town Hall

Matron Dianne Smith, Morecambe Bay Trust

‘Caring for someone with dementia - A carers perspective’

November 01, 2019

Trimpell Club, Morecambe

Dr Penny Foulds, MAC Clinical Research, Defying Dementia, Lancaster University

‘An update on current dementia research, and the reasons why everyone should be involved’

December 06, 2019

Lancaster Town Hall

Prof Carol Holland, Lancaster University

‘Current research at Lancaster University’s Centre for Ageing Research’

January 05, 2018


Louise Haigh, Progress Lifeline

‘Personal alarms and telecare services, Emergency Home Response service and an assistive lifting technology demonstration’

February 02, 2018

Lancaster Library

Dianne Smith, Matron for Dementia, MBHT

‘Encouraging nutrition and hydration in people with dementia’

March 02, 2018


Gerry Hellier, Lancashire Fire and Rescue 

‘Home safety and the Dementia Buddy scheme’

April 06, 2018

Lancaster Library

Cllr Margaret Pattison

‘How Lancaster City, and Lancashire County Council can support people living with dementia.’

May 04, 2018


Philip Blundell

'The help and benefits available for people with dementia and their carers'

June 01, 2018

Lancaster Library

Ian Ambler

‘How to protect your assets after a diagnosis of dementia’

July 06, 2018


Barbara Lewis, Limon Attire

‘Demonstrating a range of clothing designed to help retain the dignity and individuality of those living with dementia.’

August 03, 2018

Lancaster Library

Anne Oliver, Age UK

‘Scams awareness and an update on Age UK services’

September 07, 2018


Lancaster City Council Home Improvements Agency

‘Keeping safe and independent at home, and help when applying for grants’

October 05, 2018

Lancaster Library

Dianne Smith, Matron for Dementia, MBHT

‘Encouraging nutrition and hydration in people with dementia’

November 02, 2018


Julie Vickerman, Occupational Therapist, NHS Continence Service

‘The treatment and management of bowel and bladder problems’

December 07, 2018

Lancaster Library

Gerry Hellier, Lancashire Fire and Rescue

‘The ‘Herbert Protocol’, Guardian Angels and Fire Home Safety Checks’

Prof Christine Milligan

The Centre for Aging Research 

Lancaster University is a leading regional, national and international centre of excellence for ageing research and teaching. Lancaster University's Centre for Ageing Research conducts top level research and promotes research-led teaching around ageing, older people and age-related disease. In her talk, the Director of the Centre for Ageing Research Prof. Christine Milligan will cover current research into ageing at Lancaster University.

Steven Mckiernan - Progress Lifeline

Progress Lifeline has been delivering personal alarm and telecare services to people throughout Lancashire for over 28 years. Steve Mckiernan's talk will cover personal alarms, remote monitoring and emergency home response service for independent living.

Steve Turner - Lancashire Fire and Rescue

As well as providing services for emergencies such as chemical spills, house fires and road traffic collisions; Lancaster Fire and Rescue raise awareness about fire safety, help the ambulance service get into a home where a patient isn't responding to the doorbell, and respond to medical emergencies as community first responders. Steve's talk will aim to raise awareness of the dangers of fire, and how to improve safety in the home.  

Gary Rycroft - Joseph A. Jones & Co Solicitors

Based in Lancaster, Joseph A. Jones is a legal firm with special expertise in dealing with the affairs of the elderly. Gary's talk will cover "Advance Care Planning: What do you want and where do you want it?".

Anne Oliver/Shirley Child - Age UK

Age UK is the country's largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.  Age UK help more than 7 million people every year, providing companionship, advice and support for older people who need it most. Anne and Shirley's talk will cover what Age UK can do for you!

Maddy Bass - St John’s Hospice

St John’s Hospice is a local charity which provides free palliative care to patients with life shortening conditions, as well as hosting The Bay Dementia Hub. Maddy's talk will cover the role of St John’s Hospice.

Dr Penny Foulds

MAC Clinical Research and Honorary Researcher at Lancaster University

Our knowledge of dementia currently lags behind that of other major conditions, such as cancer or heart disease. Research offers hope to understand what causes the disease, develop effective treatments, improve care and hopefully one day find a cure. Penny Foulds, Co-Founder of The Bay Dementia Hub will cover how to find out about, and get involved in local dementia research.

Ann Marsh - Alzheimer’s  Society

The Alzheimers Society are  the UK's leading dementia support and research charity for people living with dementia, their families and carers. Ann Marsh's talk will cover The Alzheimer’s Society’s "New Deal on Support"

Nia Coleman - Galloways

Galloway’s has a long and proud history of serving blind and partially sighted people and underpinning this work continues to be a strong and positive culture committed to reaching even more people affected by the devastation of sight loss.

Suzanne Hanson - N-Compass

n-compass operates across the North West of England to make a positive difference and enhance life opportunities for adults and young people disadvantaged by disability, illness, age or social exclusion through providing advocacy, carers, health & well-being, and young people's services. Suzanne Hanson's talk will cover support for individuals who provide care for people with dementia.

Karen Burrow - CQC Inspector

Karen Burrow's talk will cover the role of the Care Quality Commission : Driving up standards in Care. The CQC monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and publish what they find, including performance ratings to help people choose care.

Gill Grayston - Dukes Theatre, Lancaster

Gill Grayston's talk will cover Dukes Theatre's project "A Life More Ordinary", giving people with dementia greater access to leisure and cultural opportunities. A Life More Ordinary welcomes everyone to the regular film screenings and creative workshops, creating a supportive, caring experience for loved ones and families to enjoy together.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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